Unleashed Design Co was born in New Zealand in 2015. Initially started as a part time business it has now grown to a full service apparel supply company.

By the end of November 2017 our owner had decided to run this business full time.

Then came 2019 and the creation of the Unleashed Clothing Co as we decided to split our retail and commercial businesses, increasing our desire to supply top quality garments with fresh designs 

2020 and beyond is looking exciting as we continue to grow our customer base. Our already strong supply offer has been strengthened hugely with the addition of the NZ agency for Global Print Professionals and our new branding business identity, Apparel Branding Services.



the inner force we all have and refusing to be told what our limits are...

Our philosophy:

Never compromise on quality

Always provide the best service we can

Unleashed is for everybody, not just for the chosen few...